How can YOU help spread the Warmth?

Come join our Spread the Warmth campaign!

From October 30th – November 13th, we will be hosting a charity giveaway and fundraising event to benefit Embrace infant warmers. Participants will be admitted into the giveaway with $10 donation entries, and more details will be coming your way soon.

What we need from you right now is:

  • Products for the giveaway. If you are a company, or own a company, consider donating a product to the giveaway from now until October 28th.  We already have a a number of fabulous companies who have already pledged donations to the campaign: some are ERGObaby Paper Coterie, Tieks, and Shoes of Asia! We continue to add companies the prize page – see here for more participating companies.  All companies involved will be included in a special giveaway spotlight post to be placed on all blogs who are helping in the Spread the Warmth Event.
  • Charity ad space. Please consider offering charity ad space on your blog or website for the month of November with proceeds to be donated to Embrace programs. Several options and prices are available!
  • Spread the word (and warmth). Help us get the word out there and join this fantastic league of bloggers who are already taking part in this amazing campaign:
    1. Family and Life in Las Vegas
    2. Crazy about My Baybah
    3. The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom
    4.  Mommy Head Adventures
    5. And Then There Were 4
    6. Oh So Savvy Mom
    7. Mommy’s Point of View
Please find more details at Family and Life in Las Vegas, and let’s get this holiday season off to a warming start! Please email Emily at directly to participate.

4 thoughts on “How can YOU help spread the Warmth?

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