Spreading the Warmth!

We are fortunate to have support from amazing people all over the globe. From a charitable lunch in Malaysia, to a Fun Run in Saskatoon, Canada, read about how people are spreading the warmth around the world.

Tunku Abdul Rahman College

Led by Professor Stephen Ong, the students at Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, raised over $1,000 help Embrace save babies around the world. The fundraiser was held in conjunction with a daylong workshop that focused on generating 99 ideas, each to solve access to affordable healthcare for children, and to solve world hunger and malnutrition. Embrace Co-Founder, Linus Liang, spoke to the students about social innovation and the development of the Embrace infant warmer.

Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) is an established teaching institution whose mission is to prepare students to be global leaders, and to nurture their pursuit to make a difference in the world. TARC Alumni has put together an endowment to ensure that social innovation and social entrepreneurship become an integral part of the college culture. This also lends to Malaysia’s ambition to be an innovation-driven economy. As part of Professor Ong’s Entrepreneurship class, freshman students at the Centre of Innovation & Entrepreneurship will be undertaking a social enterprise project of their own. With Linus’ experience as an hi-tech Silicon Valley entrepreneur and leader in social innovations, it was an ideal opportunity for these graphic design and multimedia students to get an inside look at the world of social entrepreneurship. The Embrace infant warmer served as a tangible example of how social innovation and design thinking can make such a profound impact on the world.

As a component of the workshop, the students held a charity “Hunger Lunch” to illustrate the severity of global food inequality. Developed by Professor Ong, a “Hunger Lunch” is a simple meal comprised of chapatti bread, bean curry and water and is served regardless of an individual’s contribution. Students involved in the workshop promoted the “Hunger Lunch” around campus. With support from fellow students and faculty, the lunch not only created awareness about the global hunger epidemic, but also raised over $1,000, which the students generously donated to Embrace. The Embrace team extends heart-felt gratitude to Professor Ong and his students for their leadership and generosity.

Embrace Fun Run

Embrace supporter, Kelsey Ring, organized a “Fun Run” in her hometown of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to help spread awareness and raise funds for Embrace. With the generous support of her friends, family and community, the event raised $400.  We are deeply grateful for Kelsey’s continued support, and for helping spread the warmth in Canada! 

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