Giving a Young Mom a Second Chance

Savitha has a 5th grade education, and got married by the age of 17. She had her first baby at 19; a tiny girl weighing 2.75 pounds. After Savitha and her baby came home, she noticed her baby wasn’t gaining weight. Savitha desperately wanted to take her baby to the hospital, but her mother-in-law refused, saying it wasn’t important because the baby was just a girl. Tragically, two months later, Savitha woke up and discovered her baby had died.

One year later, Savitha gave birth to another low-birth-weight infant; this time it was a boy. Fortunately, the Embrace infant warmer helped provide the tiny infant the thermal support he needed to survive.  The baby is now healthy, and Savitha is deeply grateful that she’s had a second chance to be a mother.

To meet the demand all over the world, Embrace is scaling up global distribution. We are developing and implementing pilots in India, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Uganda, Zambia, and Vietnam. These pilots have the potential to impact the lives of thousands vulnerable infants and families like Savitha’s.

Hear what doctors are saying about Embrace.


Embrace has partnered with East Meets West to provide the Embrace infant warmer to babies in Vietnam.  Your vote can help us receive this important funding!

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