Is a Newborn Life Worth $4?

Last week, a 5–day-old premature baby in the state of Punjab died because her parents couldn’t pay the $4 it would have cost to keep her in an incubator.

I was overwhelmed by emotions watching this news report.

The first emotion was profound sadness. I could not hold back my tears as I saw the precious life that was lost so needlessly. I couldn’t begin to imagine the grief this family was suffering. I couldn’t help but think of the $4 so many of us thoughtlessly spend on a cup of coffee—the difference between life and death for a family like this.

The second was anger: it is an injustice that babies continue to die like this all over the world—for a lack of appropriate, affordable technologies. As one of our advisors often says, “the death of a child is a tragedy. The death of a child for a preventable cause is an injustice.” To me, this is the greatest injustice imaginable: the loss of an innocent life that could have been saved. The loss of the most vulnerable beings in this world. And yet, every hour, 450 babies die. Every year, we lose 4 million newborns.

The last emotion was the strongest. It was one of hope. It is stories like this that fuel our work at Embrace. Our hope is that one day, babies will no longer die for preventable causes. We want to see a world where parents don’t lose their babies because they can’t afford to pay for an incubator– where technologies like ours are easily available to the most vulnerable, and the most disadvantaged. Embrace’s mission is to play a major role in ensuring this does not happen again, and we will not rest until this vision of the world is a reality.

As many stories like this I witness which fill my heart with sorrow, my hope is renewed with every person who joins our mission, and every supporter we rally. Thank you for helping us to make this vision a reality.

-Jane Chen
Co-founder, Embrace


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