From the Field- Visiting Kirthi

Kirthi is a beautiful young mother who lives in a village in south India. Her husband is a day laborer, who makes about $1 a day. The couple lives in a small house, where 12 other family members also reside. Several years ago, Kirthi gave birth to her first child. About a month and a half after bringing her newborn home, she noticed the baby wasn’t gaining weight. Kirthi finally decided to take her to the nearest clinic to see a doctor, but it was too late. The baby died shortly after they reached the clinic.

                                  Kirthi and her newborn baby girl

As Kirthi recounted her story, tears filled her eyes as she told us she still thinks about her baby every single day. About 5 months ago, Kirthi gave birth to her second child, a low birth weight infant weighing 3.7 pounds. The baby was kept in the Embrace Nest infant warmer for about a week.

                              Jane and Rahul visit Kirthi at home

We visited Kirthi recently, and her baby was doing very well; she had gained a significant amount of weight, and was a small bundle of joy. The family had nicknamed her “Chinnu,” before the official naming ceremony was to take place. Kirthi and her husband truly attributed the health of the baby to Embrace, and had gone back to the village and told their family members and neighbors about the product. Even Kirthi’s 100 year old grandmother knew about Embrace, and broke into a small dance of joy during our visit. It is a wonderful feeling to witness how our product is touching lives like these.

Please help us continue to spread the warmth.

-Jane Chen
Co-Founder, Embrace

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