Baby Long – Embrace’s First Little Beneficiary at Little Flower Orphanage, Beijing

Embrace heard of Baby Long back in February 2012 when he arrived at Little Flower orphanage. He was tiny, wrinkly and in need of so much care and love. The night he arrived at the orphanage, he was only two weeks old and weighed just two pounds (930 grams). He was hypothermic and needed thermal stabilization straight away. Instead of bundling tiny Long up in layers and layers of blankets with hot water bottles to help him stay warm, the team at Little Flower put him in the Embrace warmer, which he used for 30 days. Baby Long was the smallest baby they had ever received – and the first baby in that condition who survived at the orphanage. As it turns out, Baby Long was also the very first baby to be placed in the Embrace infant warmer at Little Flower.

During his first weeks at Little Flower, Baby Long experienced severe heath complications as he was suffering from pneumonia and anemia. Seven months later, Baby Long is doing remarkably well. Jane Chen (Embrace co-founder) visited Little Flower this past weekend to drop off a few more Embrace units. “It was incredible to see the work the orphanage is doing – I fell in love with all the babies and kids there. They often have premature babies (five to six at a time!)… Baby Long is now healthy, happy, and super interactive. Lily (manager at Little Flower) told me that he constantly needs to be hugged (he cries when he’s not), and I imagine this has something to do with a warm embrace he got the first 30 days of his life! This was an incredibly heartwarming experience for me.”

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Embrace is excited to help such an awe-inspiring organization! Thank you Little Flower for giving us the opportunity to impact the lives of these tiny babies.

Please help us continue to spread the warmth.

Ana Manzur-Allan
Business Development Director, Embrace

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