A Mother’s Hope: Embrace Provides Support to Premature Twins

Saraswatiben, a young mother from a small town near Gujarat, India, did not know that she was carrying twins. As is the reality for many mothers in the developing world, she had visited Kasturba Hospital for an antenatal check-up only once during her pregnancy.  Also, she had not received an ultrasound test, so both the doctors and Sarawatiben were unaware that she was having twins. She was rushed to the hospital during her seventh month of pregnancy when she complained of labor pain – she was very frightened that her baby was early and she worried about the outcome.  Saraswatiben first delivered her son who weighed just a little over two pounds. It was only later that the nurses realized there was another baby who was ready to be delivered. Sarawatiben’s daughter weighed close to three pounds. Both babies were immediately admitted to the NICU.

Since there weren’t enough radiant warmers for all the babies who were admitted in the NICU, the baby girl was placed in one of the Embrace warmers. The baby boy was diagnosed with respiratory distress and required oxygen support. After a few days in the NICU, Saraswatiben noticed that the weight of her daughter was increasing at a much better rate than that of her son, and asked if her son could also be placed in an Embrace warmer.

Sarawatiben spent as much time allowed by the doctors in the NICU, and religiously dedicated herself to feeding, nurturing and cleaning the babies. Her mother also accompanied her, as she was finding it difficult to take care of both the babies at the same time all by herself. After sometime in the NICU, both babies graduated to the regular ward, and by the time they were discharged from the hospital they had put on weight and now have a much better chance at a normal and healthy life.

Please help us continue to spread the warmth.

Poornima Nair
Embrace Fellow, India

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