In Partnership with BT: Stories from Rajasthan, India

Embrace in partnership with BT has implemented a project in Rajasthan, India with the Government of Rajasthan. We are deploying our infant warmers in all major government clinics including primary health centers (clinics which serve a few villages) in the district of Baran, a high-focus district with a significant tribal population. To read a recent press article, click here. And to find out how the project is saving the lives of babies, read Anita’s and Rajkumari’s stories below. 

Anita: After 2 failed pregnancies, 22-year old Anita gave birth to a 5 pound baby boy in CHC Kelwara, Baran. The baby was significantly hypothermic when the doctor decided to place the baby in the Embrace Warmer. After one night in the device, the baby was able to regulate his body temperature and Anita was able to take the baby home. When our field team visited Anita 10 days later, she proudly showed her bundle of joy, who was doing extremely well and gaining weight. Anita’s self-confidence had also increased as she had been able to present her family with a healthy baby.

ImageRajkumari: is from the village of Mamoni. Her husband is a daily wage laborer. Though her baby girl was born at a healthy weight of 5.5 pounds, she was hypothermic. Thanks to the warmth provided by the Embrace warmer, the baby was feeding and sleeping really well. The baby has also been steadily gaining weight.



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